Large Format Printing

We offer vibrant, high quality large format print solutions for a wide range of applications. Our revolutionary flatbed printer enables us to print massive indoor and outdoor print in sizes in excess of 12′ x 3′. We provide a full wide format printing service, from initial consultation right through to printing and quality control.

The most common type of large format prints are flat wall-hangings, which can also be made to fold or come free-standing. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we can produce weather-resistant and large-sized prints while maintaining outstanding image quality.Not sure where to start? We will consult you on the best blend of design, quality, size and paper stock for your required application.


Some of the applications of large format printing include:Trade show graphics – One of the most common uses for wide format prints are graphics for trade shows, including pull up banners and backdrops. Pull up banners and backdrops are perfect for exhibiting at trade shows where space is limited but you still need an eye-catching display.

Window stickers and displays – Regardless of where they’re used, large format window stickers and displays are a great way to captivate your audience.

You can display your message on the window of a bus, car, or office; the options are endless.Vehicle wraps – Wrapping a vehicle in your branding is a great way to reach the masses. Do you have a fleet of vehicles that travel great distances every day? If so, look no further than vehicle wraps; a cost-effective way to advertise to a large captive audience.

Retail graphics – Wall graphics, free standing displays, and internal or external signage are all essential types of large format printing for retailers. In a competitive retail environment it’s vital that your store can captivate. We can produce spectacular large vinyl prints that can do just that.


The beauty of large format printing is the wide range of materials which can be printed onto, some of which include:Backlit film – A truly impressive way to advertise your product or marketing message. The most common use for backlit film is in lightboxes, a damage-proof means of displaying your ad at day or night.

Vinyl – Vinyl banners offer a flexible, weatherproof way to promote your message. Our range of banners are most commonly used outdoors by businesses to display products on sale, or by sports clubs and community organisations at special events.

Card – A popular choice with retailers, card offers a long-lasting and flexible way to reach your audience. Large card graphics are relatively inexpensive to produce and can be stored safely to be reused whenever you wish.

Displaying your print in direct sunlight or in harsh weather conditions? We’ve got it covered. Using our UV resistant ink we can produce sun and water resistant large format prints for outstanding durability without lamination.

Look no further than Doggett Print for your large format printing services. Whether you’re in Dublin, Donegal, Cork, Clare or indeed anywhere in Ireland, simply get in touch to discuss your needs.